The Popular Problems and The Solutions of Training Newborns to Sleep Over Night

Most of parents meet the trouble to get their babies sleep over night. The main reason why children often to wake up at night is their shorter sleep cycle, 4 hours for each nap, comparing to 6-8 hours of older kids or adults. Although of that fact, parents may feel exhausted to take care their baby for a whole sleepless night and want to find out the solution for that situation. Nowadays, with the development of technology and science, the baby industry and experts in children health and sleep coach have brought back useful advice, programs and amazing products. You may know about the Sleep Sense Program, Cosi Bed Sheet… and wonderful Baby Swings. Especially for the first months of newborns, parents may want to purchase the parenting aides above to help their children go to sleep easily. You can click for more info best baby swing on 2016 market.

In our article today, we will not mention about baby products in the first paragraph but the solutions which you can apply immediately for your babies’ good sleep overnight. Our article will list the popular problems first, then the answers for them. Hope you will enjoy our suggestion!

1. Wake up when lose the pacifier – Stop using pacifier

Many parents use nighttime pacifier for the children above 6 months old to lack of the risk SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). But when the babies get older and do not need it any more, using pacifier can cause the intestinal infections; middle ear infections and yeast infections in mouth. And sometimes, they wake up at night because they lose the pacifier and cannot find it back. The longer you let your baby use the pacifier, the more it depends on that tool. » Read more