Everything pregnant women should know during 22-week fetus

Tips for 22 weeks pregnant

Even though pregnant women are not advised to sleep on one side for a long time, many experts recommend choosing a pregnancy pillow, especially the leachco pregnancy pillow because its specialized design will help mothers sleep well overnight without worry to make bad effect on their baby.

Please consult a midwife or your doctor whether you should make glucose screening test to detect diabetes during pregnancy or not. This is usually conducted between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. You will need to drink fluids a very sweet, tastes like orange juice and blood will be taken 1 hour later. If your body is capable of producing enough insulin to process sugar levels spike, then all is well. If not, should have a high level of clinical depth.

If you dye your hair often, consider your natural hair when pregnant. Although there is no solid scientific evidence that any contact with the hair dye during pregnancy risk, safely select more still. Similarly, hairdressers or postpone chemotherapy used on the scalp, at least until the child is born.

Keep a little cranberry juice in the refrigerator southern Vietnam. This abundant source of vitamin C also works to prevent urinary tract infections. Because it is highly acidic, it helps fight bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, and it also tastes delicious.

Put a stool footrest beneath the front desk and armchair your favorite. Relax your legs and feet will not help the ankle swelling. The habit can raise the foot to avoid hematoma and congestion.

Changes in your body during pregnancy week 22

This week you can feel his eyes burning dry. This symptom may be getting bad if you wear contact lenses or glasses. Lubricating artificial tears or eye drops may be helpful. You should wear sunglasses when going out. Any product that EPF (eye protection index) is 10, it is fine.

It may appear stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, and hips. They happen when collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin to make tension and tear that can fit into a figure and body measurements are “growth”. Unfortunately, there is no cream that can be absorbed through the skin’s outer layer to reach the dermis; it is not important on how advertising on the label. In cases you wish, abdominal massage with cream softens a little or that contain vitamin E. The time which is considered as the best is after a shower when the skin is kept warm, moist and more open pores.

You can see the small nodules acne areola. They are called Montgomery notes, and they secrete oily lubricant nipple nourish and soften them. Do not rub too hard with soap in the shower and do not think that you should use acne cream to remove the nodule.

Do not worry if you think you are always swallowed. Excessive salivation is a general symptom in the 22nd week of pregnancy period, and even though it may be uncomfortable, this does not mean there is anything untrue. Let’s try gum, suck on paper and mints towels to bring waterproof foam if necessary.

You may experience more headaches in this period, and it could affect your work and your ability to concentrate. Let’s find out why. For almost pregnant women, it may be because chocolate, caffeine, sun, not absorbing enough amount of water or have low blood sugar levels by eating infrequently. If rest does not improve, go to the pharmacist or your doctor to see what drugs can be used safely.

Change in mentality

You feel a close relationship with the baby? You can discover that I was unconsciously rubbing belly, dreaming of how the baby looks like, and even sitting alone laugh when you think about that.

A lot of couples think of pregnancy also nicknamed the baby as soon as it’s in the uterus. Be careful! The names starting impartially, but can hang on this long and then you may have to justify the name.

This week, are there any changes in the baby

Your baby weighs about 430g and from head to foot in length 27,8cm. It is creating a fingerprint and so feet, the unique signs reflect on the DNA, distinguishes it from anyone else.

Your baby increased by about 170 g / week; equal to the weight it will increase in a couple of months after giving birth. Muscle, Fat, and bone growing majority increased weight.

The baby has eyebrows and eyelashes this 22nd week. An excessive amount of hair will disappear when you come near to the birth, leaving only the hair where necessary. Unwritten Law boys will have the maximum eyelashes, never the girls. Nope, it’s not fair at all.

The baby now has little ability to control the senses. Senses are gradually mature, so until birth, the baby may respond to stimulation when being fed.

Babies born at 22 weeks should be supported and special care to live. Scientific care a month old premature infant’s improved means of health in long-term impact on children has declined compared with the past.

This Momactivity.com is the place that you do not just find the advices of how taking care of pregnant women, some tips of how to balance and help you to not only providing the best condition for the babies but also look after for both mother and kids.

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