Should we allow our infant to play with cat?

Cats are a great pet for the baby and for the whole family. Indoor cats that you have found you for your child, teach him how to have the opportunity to get along with cats, cat care without being scratched. She will learn how to body hygiene after helping drive your cat clean and respect their privacy as well.

If you want her to have the first pet, the cat is a great choice because they are easy to culture than dogs, they independently does not need a lot of attention and does not take much of your time. The first thing you could do was inspired by finding her a cat that cats sleep about 18 hours a day!

Cats are extremely attractive

Baby will find love for cats too attractive – they are small, cute and very affectionate. But be careful when caring for a pet, if you do not know how to play with the cats, they may bite or scratch, causing discomfort to the baby wound. Apply a few golden rules when caring for a pet is a cat following to ensure safe baby can play with cats.

Pets are not toys

The infant should definitely know that cats are not toys, they are creatures, and they also know the pain just like us. For this reason, the best, children under six years of age are not allowed to adopt a cat because she was too young to understand how to make the cat comfortable and safe. She does not know when the cat becomes agitated and about to bite.

Older children six years of age are only allowed to receive the cat under the supervision of parents. Let your child sit down to pat the floor, playing with cats. Tell her that that if the cat wants to leave, let it go instead of trying to get it back.

Befriended cats

At play is the perfect time for you to teach your baby close with small cat become a friend for your child, help them better understand the nature and the body language of cats. Do not teach him to play the game making and grooming cat agitated or shooting fingers. Cats – friend for your child enjoys playing with boxes, paper bags and ping pong ball (extremely cheap toys. How great of it!)

Caring for Cats

Let your child participate in the care of cats drive. Little can pet care by changing water bowls for cats while the large baby can be brushed or repotting slag for cats. This opportunity, teach him basic hygiene, always wash your hands after petting cats, especially after cleaning up their slag pots.

Create opportunities for the whole family to bring cat vet. This is the appropriate occasion to baby learn about animal health and pet care. Additionally, they will learn more about the role of the veterinarian for the pet (like the doctor for that!).

Trim your cat’s claws so that if your baby accidentally scratch, wound also will not be too deep. Your veterinarian can help you, but if you have an extremely gentle cat, you may also be made at home. Pat the cat feel comfortable, gently holding one leg and raised cats. Use your thumb and your index finger, toes lightly pressed cats, you’ll pay our toes angled out and it’s easy for you to refine our pedicure sets. Use nippers little, if no, you can also use a cutting of nails. The most important thing is that you must avoid pink blood vessels running inside the cat’s toenails. If you cannot see the blood vessels, ask your veterinarian or by doing it.

Relax severance

Make sure the cat has a safe and private place so it can get into it any time it wants. Just equip your cat 1 the drive tray to the toilet, food and water bowls and place them out of reach of children. You can use the doors to limit your child’s access to driving cat. Teach your child to respect the privacy of the cat and just play, stroking a cat when it comes to kid them absolute and irreversible.

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