Have Happy Nappers

If you want your kid to sleep through the day just like the champ, then follow our 3 rules. Some top rated pack and play may be another good choice, too.

You should stay diligent with your routine

Like the adult, children have their own body clock which signals as they’re hungry as well as tired. Yet they do not have enough power to meet their needs by themselves. That is why they will need their parents to create as well as maintain the consistent schedule.

“The nap is so important that the parent should plan the whole day of theirs first hand,” said Lewis J. Kass in New York. It is true that begets sleep would be true. Many sleep specialists also agree that in case the toddler skips naps, they are not capable of making up for their lost time just by going to bed earlier or just sleeping deeply. Instead, children tend to go to bed poorly during the night. “The purpose of naps in growth, development and metabolism are huge,” said Dr. Kass. “The secretion of the growth hormone from pituitary gland needs steady and uninterrupted sleep.”

Then if your eleven-month-old kid experienced a good day yesterday as she got up at eight a.m., then napped at just ten a.m. for about an hour, then again at two p.m. for just 2 hours, you may want to remember that routine. This means in case you have a gym class for babies today at eleven a.m., then you do not go. Then you rethink carrying back to her class until she agrees to move to the one afternoon nap. (Ask that gym class for the partial refund then) » Read more

Everything pregnant women should know during 22-week fetus

Tips for 22 weeks pregnant

Even though pregnant women are not advised to sleep on one side for a long time, many experts recommend choosing a pregnancy pillow, especially the leachco pregnancy pillow because its specialized design will help mothers sleep well overnight without worry to make bad effect on their baby.

Please consult a midwife or your doctor whether you should make glucose screening test to detect diabetes during pregnancy or not. This is usually conducted between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. You will need to drink fluids a very sweet, tastes like orange juice and blood will be taken 1 hour later. If your body is capable of producing enough insulin to process sugar levels spike, then all is well. If not, should have a high level of clinical depth. » Read more